I play violin in a country band! (This is not a drill)

Everything is pretty good at the moment.


  • I’ve finally started working on my NYE resolution to run 6km by the end of the year. On Wednesday I will be registering a team into the Colour Run in August. I’ve been running at the gym 2-4 times a week and plan on keeping this up for the next two months.
  • Last week at work (the restaurant) there was a competition to see who could get the most average sales per customer and I won with av $44 per person. I was also offered more work at Stormer Music. Yes, for once in my life I was offered work instead of me just groveling for it. I plan on turning it down however, because although they may think I’m good enough to teach 6 new kids of all levels how to play piano, prep them for showcases and write student reports, I don’t think I could handle it. Piano is still not my forte and I don’t no how I have kept it up as long as I have. Nonetheless, it feels good to finally be recognized for my efforts at work.
    I was asked to join a band! I’ve recently become a “yes man” doing everything and anything to step out of my comfort zone. So this meant joining a country band as a violinist, yep. I never planned on playing violin after I finished high school in a “professional” sense. I just imagined it would be something I’d tell my kids one day at the dinner table “Did you know I played violin until I was 18?” . If I WERE to continue playing I always imagined playing classical in an orchestra or something. Never in my life did I think I was going to play country music.
    At first I was hesitant as I hadn’t played violin since 2012. I kept resaurring him I may not be fit for the position however I recall my lecturer once saying “If you are asked to do something always say yes, then Google how to do it later”. Basically for me this meant I needed to say yes but practice my god damn heart out until I remembered how to play again. However,after our first jam sesh with the leading man he was eager to have me on board.
    Similarly to being offered more tutoring positions, it felt good to have someone approach me about joining their project. The band is really motivated and determined with an EP already been recorded, set lists already planned and venues have been contacted for our upcoming gigs (We probably won’t be ready for gigs until September)

https://soundcloud.com/blakedantier My favourite song from the EP is Crossfire.Image


Although this may seem like a bit of an arrogant “Look, my life is super great”. That certainly not the case. Socially, everything is crap with friends CONSTANTLY bailing on plans and boy world driving me insane (why is it whenever I show interest in someone they end up being a total nut case?). I also still have a constant fear of not being good enough from work to music to Uni, which has recently effected my ability to get an internship. I have no desire to apply anywhere as I feel I don’t know anything and it will just be embarrassing.

However, overall life is okay and I feel things are slowly falling into place.


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